Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve


image1This past year I’ve been incredibly sentimental and emotional (in a good way). I’m sure it has a lot to do with me graduating this year and coming to terms with the fact that this may be my last chapter with Saint Mary’s University. I came into this University after hearing about the stellar International Development Studies program. I was especially excited to go to a smaller university with a smaller campus because I knew that I was more comfortable with intimate classrooms that were more likely to make students feel like they had a presence.

In my first year at SMU, I was overwhelmed as any student would be, and I didn’t get involved on campus. Still feeling my comfort level and well into my second year, I made a decision to take some time off school and work full-time. I think it was the best decision I made because it allowed me to explore my other interests and gave me an opportunity to really take a breath and collect my thoughts on what exactly I wanted to do the following school year.

I entered my 3rd year with an objective to really take advantage of the school year and the opportunities that were available on campus. I joined a couple of societies on campus, partook in International Hijab Day, applied and got accepted to do an overseas internship, and worked on a campaign to run for the opening positions that were available on the Board of Directors. It was the literally the most thrilling year and equally stressful.

All in all, my time at Saint Mary’s University is literally a testament to the wonderful students and administrators. I have to give a shout out to Dr. Summerby-Murray for being an incredibly engaging and personable University President, and to Kazi Rahman for being an amazing SMUSA President this past school year! Also, big shout out to The Journal for giving me a platform to vocalize my million and one thoughts 🙂 When people ask me how it feels to be graduating soon I always reply by saying that I’m excited, when in reality that doesn’t encapsulate how I truly feel. The best words to capture my feelings would be: bittersweet. There’s this happiness that comes with knowing that I’ll be done with my undergraduate soon, but also this tinge of sadness that I feel knowing that I’m moving on. Knowing that the connections I’ve made in the 4 years I’ve been here may not be long-lasting, makes me somewhat anxious about the future. Anywho, enough about me, here are some other students’ thoughts on graduating! Sara Little: As excited as I am to graduate, I am also terrified. Not because I am scared about not finding a job or not using my degree, but because it’s hard to believe another place or institution could possibly teach me more about myself and how to see the world in a critical, yet positive way. Ardalan Gharagozli: I’ve been waiting for this day to come for the past 5 years and now that it’s here I wish I could go back to spend more time as a student to enjoy the things I could, but I didn’t since I always postpone them till after graduation, but after all I guess it’s just my excuses. I think I just don’t feel like entering the real life and stop living on student loans.

Zahra Dhubow

News Editor

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