The Wait for the 14



The number 14 has a whole new meaning when you’re a SMUdent. It’s the magic college bus that goes everywhere around town where you may need to go. In your first week, the number 14 represents dependence, but soon enough you will know that lucky times two actually equals dread. The dread of waiting and realizing but not accepting the fact that you’re going to be late. Late to class, late to work or late for that warm meal waiting for you when you’re returning home. Ever stopped to wonder though, if this wait signifies something more?

We wait 9 months to be born, our parents wait for us to speak our first words, take that first step. We wait to understand how to tell time and make sense of other things we later take granted in life. We wait to grow up only to realize that it’s not as fun as we thought it would be. We wait for that lunch break in high school, that last Harry Potter book and for graduation. For our first kiss, to get over our first heartbreak and to find “the one”. For that college acceptance and then very quickly, to get back home for Thanksgiving. For that long week to be over, to see that one friend and for that one moment when we can just take a breath and enjoy the moment we are in. We keep looking for that moment but life keeps throwing things at us, distracting us and desensitizing us. Our life is always a wait for one thing after the other. In the midst of it all, maybe that extra 5 minutes we wait for the 14 isn’t so bad. It at least got me thinking, that I’ve waited all my life to be in a beautiful city like Halifax and now that I’m here, I’m in more of a rush than I’d like to be in. It is during this wait for the 14 on a certain evening that I realized that the leaves are turning red. It’s when you shiver and realize that winter is near. It is when you can stop and look at the clouds, the grass or all the beautiful people around you. When you feel like you’re part of this great concept of existence.

My thoughts and connections to the dreadful wait may be too far of a stretch even for me when I read this again in the next couple of weeks, but right now I wanted to take a moment and write this down. But I hope at least one person that reads this can appreciate the wait next time and appreciate the moment.

Happy waiting.

Mahmudur Rahman Shovon

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