SMU Acquires Missing Piece to “One City Block” Puzzle


dsc_0891Last month we reported on the rejection of the SMU bid for the Martyr Church Property in the North East part of campus. Well, SURPRISE, SMU signed the legal documents on Monday making the Martyr Catholic Church on Inglis street officially a property owned by SMU. The sale will be finalized in the spring and SMU takes official possession in late February/early spring.  “This has been a long time want,” said Margaret Murphy, Associate VP of External Affairs. SMU has always said that if the property came available, they would like to acquire it and complete our “one city block.” But don’t get your hopes up to see changes any time soon. “We are in no rush,” said VP Murphy, “there is a process and we want to follow it.” The price tag on the property is legally disclosed until the sale goes through but the last bid was around $1 million. Kazi Rahman, SMUSA President, said that he didn’t like the idea of an external company, such as Ashcroft Homes, owning such a large part of our campus.  As for students, there will be an open town hall where students can express their ideas for the property. SMUSA is also going to be a part of these negotiations.

Erika MacDonald

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