Recylcing is still important


As a second year Environmental Studies student, I like seeing people on campus trying to recycle, compost and sort their garbage accordingly. But the problem is, the blue bins around campus seem to confuse people more than help them. The lids to the bins do not always correspond with the signs.


I have seen this almost everywhere on campus. For instance, just yesterday I saw a lid that had pictures of organics on it, an apple core, tea bag and brown paper bag, but the label above the image read recyclables! How are students suppose to make an effort to recycle with misleading signs? Each time I look into a garbage I do not see any organization. I see Tim hortons cups in the organics, I see recyclables in the garbage, and I see people giving up in how to organize recyclables. We need to make the campus more green and put a larger effort into recycling, we may look like a green campus with blue bins everywhere, but if we cannot use them, what good is that?

I asked a lady cleaning out the blue bins why the signs were mixed up, but she said she had not a clue who controls those things. So who does decide which lid goes onto which bin and who decides which sign goes above each bin? I also had a complaint from a faculty member stating that they saw the garbage collectors putting all of the four different bags of the bins into the same bag, that is atrocious! What kind of waste disposal system is this? I certainly care to fix it.

Georgia Pink

Concerned Student

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