Province Welcomes Highest Number of Immigrants In Decades


Nova Scotia’s Immigration Department has totaled up the count of newcomers from last year through this October and is reportedly now welcoming the highest numbers of immigrants in decades. Preliminary figures from the report indicate that the number of immigrants to enter the province has risen up to 4835 including about 1500 refugees, resulting from the vast inclusion of Syrians along with provincially nominated families and entrepreneurs.

This surge can act as a boost in the province’s economy as it can spark improvements towards the blue-collar industry — as being foreseen by the corporate sectors. Besides increasing businesses, this diverse population growth will not only balance the province’s declining birth rate and emigration, but will also help spread greater racial and ethnic diversity throughout the province.

Initiatives and organizations like ISANS – Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia, and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot are welcoming various roles to attract immigrants to this province, providing them with all kinds of resources and jobs to help them establish their own successful lives in Nova Scotia. Furthermore, accredited post-secondary institutions like Saint Mary’s University and Dalhousie University are recurrently organizing symposiums and immigration roundtable discussions to raise awareness among students to embrace newcomers and have also introduced several measures like expanded medical and dental care insurances, language programs, diversity orientated interactive programs and on-campus work opportunities.

Nazia Sazneen, News Editor 

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