Parking my views


Can we please be a university that promotes change? Can we take a stand?

There is no statistics involved in what I’m about to say but sometimes it feels like half of the SMU campus is just parking space. Yet, students keep complaining about the lack of parking. I get that this is a problem but are we really going to advocate for more parking space when all we have is ONE city block of space?

Back to the change – can we encourage public transportation to a greater extent, or smaller electric cars? Since we’ve acquired that last piece of the city block recently, a lot of people are
going to demand another parking spot on campus, like Erika MacDonald did in her piece in the last issue. This is not an attack on her views because I feel for those that travel from afar
and cannot find parking space. This is simply an alternate idea.

How about we turn one of the existing parking spots into a parkade? How about we use the newly acquired land and make something cooler? Or leave it as a green space for now? How about we strongly advocate the increase of street parking time limits near the campus to accomodate for class timings at least?

Mahmudar Rahman Shovon

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