Open Goal for Ossama?


One has to be remotely disengaged from SMUSA (or sadly, still living under a rock) to not know what is happening in this year’s SMUSA Presidential election. So, for the small disengaged population, who may or may not have come across this, let me run you down a path. Ossama, is in this election, and he is winning big time. When I picture this year’s election, I vividly imagine Ossama in a bright yellow jersey and shorts, running full-speed, kicking a ball towards the goal-post, in an empty field with no opponents. And evidently, that is exactly how the election is headed. With Kazi Mashfiq, the former president of SMUSA, and Ossama’s only strong competitor withdrawing his candidacy far before the debate, it only leaves the position to be crowned upon Yuri Singh, Francis Xavier Erik Sena and of course, Ossama Nasrallah himself.

Yuri Singh, is an international student from India enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce. This fresh faced, hard-working candidate has been actively engaged with SMU and its various extra curriculums. Francis Xavier Erik Sena, an international student from Indonesia, who has lived in Oman and Germany, also enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce, has become quite the talk of the town (for all the wrong reasons though), since the debate. Last, but certainly not the least, Ossama Nasrallah. He who needs no introduction. After serving as the SMUSA President for a year, very proficiently, it comes as no surprise what Ossama can or cannot do. He has been one of the most well-known faces of SMUSA for around four years now, with two consecutive runs (and fails) to be the President, and a year of presidency from 2017-18. There is absolutely no doubt on how well experienced and knowledgeable he is when it comes to running SMUSA. He has already proved enough over a year and does not have anything further to prove to the student population at SMU, nor does he need to. As we witnessed during the debate, much of what Yuri and Ossama said was parallel, as though their speeches were prepared together. Francis, on the other hand, has been facing one backlash after another following his behaviour during the debate.

That being the case, the competition has narrowed even further down to Ossama and Yuri. Now, Yuri is a great candidate and he may also have all that it takes to bring what we as students want to SMUSA, but with Ossama in the picture, we all know who is getting the spotlight. During his time too, Ossama had to work his heart and soul out to achieve the position he has today and with all due respect, I believe his hard work over the past year is solely enough to prove how deserving he is of the position. Likewise, Francis and Yuri, both bright and young candidates – with hard work and ambition – will likely have better chances from next year forth, but this year it seems that Ossama is the one with the upper hand.  And it wouldn’t be too wise to think that Ossama does not know it – oh yes he does and that is why he is making all the right moves in all the right places, just like a leader should. As “with great power [the second time] comes great[er] responsibility [the second time]”. It is up to Ossama to ensure that his re-election does not come off as a disappointment to the students, and he continues his efforts to make Saint Mary’s University and SMUSA the finest it can be.

Nazia Sazneen, Section Editor

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