Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems – Not if you work for The Journal


So, you know how you sit on the Board and you make it a priority to hold the Editor-in-Chief accountable for all the papers she should have published when she didn’t have a team? And even after the production of 2 publications, you still dragged your feet about putting in as much of an emphasis on The Journal staff getting paid? Geez, Louise it’s late February, but despite the Editor-in-Chief working since October of 2017 it still hasn’t been an agenda topic to process through with pays of staff. It’s okay, working for free is every university students’ dream. Paying bills are totally not a priority. But, God forbid someone mentions something about an upgrade to The Journal website. That could cause a month’s worth of ruckus.

To counter all your reservations about hiring staff, the Editor-in-Chief put together a proposal (PowerPoint included) about being hired fulltime, just to be compensated for the amount of hours needed to be put in for the production of the paper. Yet, that proposal was never addressed or responded to by the Board and more or less cast to the side. Kind of sets in order the value you hold for the Editor-in-Chief. You sit on the Board as a permanent member, yet you don’t utilize the resources you have to support the staff in a variety of capacities. I mean that’s what you’re here for right? To put in the work to have a viable and capable Operations staff. Oh, I see you thought it was a biweekly roast session? The kind where you just give it to the person on the pedestal to let off some steam. Don’t know what roasting is? Yep, young people lingo. Forget it was even mentioned. In addition to the bi-weekly roast session, you know what else tends to occur bi-weekly? Payments for staff. But, Millennials ask for too much.

Now, that we’ve catalogued all that information, I’ll do you a huge favour and direct you to some handy resources. Let’s start with a major component of the publication. Does the Journal By-Laws ring a bell? Matter of fact, let me outline some important sections of the By-Laws for you:

  1. Section 32: The focus of the Board of Directors is the overall management of the Society.
  • This clarifies that all components of production surrounding The Journal should be overseen by the Board.
  1. Section 55: It is the duty of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the Managing Director to exercise fiscal responsibility.
  • You can’t really get much clearer than “fiscal responsibility”.

Sounds a lot like the By-Laws are in favour of staff and in the prioritization that staff be paid…yes, you guessed it, on time (que: drum sticks hit cymbal). Now, if that execution isn’t the best thing since slice bread, how about I walk you through some good old legal jargon.

According to the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Code section 79 subsection 1b), an employer should “make that payment within 5 working days after the expiration of each pay period”. Now, it is important that I note that this clause can be amended by an employer, and accordingly if payment is past that 5-day period there are no penalty measures in place. That being said, how long is too long? Five days? Five weeks? How about 5 months! Is that still a ‘little overdue’ or just a careless measure on your part?

But, this is all up in the air because it’s just a lot of irony and satire, right? We’ll leave that up for you to decide.

Zahra Dhubow, Editor-in-Chief

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