Literally Begging


12936587_1005743769519301_8844899130726728502_nSo this is quite literally my personal cry for help in regards to the parking situation at SMU. I have been a student here for five years and of that the past two ive had a vehicle. Do I regret it? Kinda. Why? Because parking at SMU is the worst thing that could ever happen to you ever. For a school that promotes a small environment, close to home (aka live at home) and fairly affordable-ish tuition, mostly compared to Dal, the school doesn’t foster those who live in Bedford or Eastern Passage or Tantallon very well. Between the staff who park here and the students who drive in and those who are even just visiting campus to see what it’s all about, the parking lots are jam packed between 9am and 5pm every damn day. Plus SMU oversells parking passes so wtf are we even supposed to do? And that is just the parking lots. The side streets surrounding SMU are also full to the brim with student vehicles who are really just trying to graduate. The maximum parking time? 2 hours. How long is your lab/once a week class? More than 2 hours. Last month I reported on SMU purchasing the church property that sits on campus.  IF ANYONE WHO MAKES THOSE DECISIONS READS THIS, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (get it?) TURN THE PROPERTY INTO A PARKADE. Do you know how nice it would be to drive to school, park, and get to my class on time? That is all. #sorrynotsorry

Erika MacDonald
Editor In Chief

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