Letter from the Editor


Hello there! How are you? Wonderful? Stressed? Cold? Well, let me take a moment of your time to introduce myself. My name is Zahra Dhubow, I have an affinity for good conversations, cozy clothing, strong coffee and any good excuse to watch The Office. Also, I just happen to be this year’s Editor in Chief for The Journal. I’m currently finishing up my final year at Saint Mary’s University and I just have to emphasize what an extraordinary school Saint Mary’s really is. Speaking honestly, I’ve developed and grown significantly on this campus, made life-long friends on this campus, and learned many valuable lessons at Saint Mary’s. More importantly, I was blessed with being able to discover so many incredibly opportunities on campus that have not only furthered me in my skill set, but have also prompted me to discover a plethora of even more wonderful opportunities. And where do I even start in stressing about how much I’ve learnt in regard to discipline, time management and everything under-the-sun on how to be a successful student? All this awesomeness that I’ve been lucky to have a dosage of, has really influenced my perspective on what it means to be a student on campus. Throughout the little time that I have been on campus, I’ve gathered the importance of being an active and participating student. When I say, ‘active and participating student’ I mean to highlight the importance of being an involved member on campus and really trying to take steps in reaching out and seeing what opportunities are available in our small community.

So, with regards to this year the team and I are taking a direction of positivity which aims to pull away from strictly adhering to reporting newsworthy material. We want to get creative and really embark on developing content that engages students on campus without being too dry. We want to be able to gauge feelings on campus and allow The Journal to be a platform for any feelings you’d like to share. Ya feel me? Now, if you are still reading this lengthy introduction be informed that this is the part of my spiel where I give you info on how you can contribute. Essentially, we are looking for people who want to talk about anything they feel that may pertain to our campus. Whether what you’re hoping to contribute produces a rant, or just makes you want to go on and on about how an event sparked something of interest in you, it doesn’t matter. It could be two sentences or two pages long, we’ll collaborate to make it well suited to fit our student paper! All you have to do is email me your thoughts at: editor.thejournal@smu.ca and we’ll go from there! Well, I’m really glad to be embarking on this and I anticipate a pretty exciting year ahead.

Zahra Dhubow, Editor-in-Chief

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