I just want to play my music



Age Quod Agis – roughly interprets to “Do What You Do”. Well, what I like to do the most is play my bass guitar at times. It takes the stress off of my shoulders. When I arrived at SMU, I hoped to often just go into the music room, plug in my instrument and play away, or maybe even jam with someone who was willing. If you know the campus well, you know where this is going. Yes, our campus does not have a music room – just two pianos in the McNally auditorium and the Art gallery respectively and even those are not always accessible.

Carrying a guitar for 8700 miles with multiple layovers in between is hectic as it is and carrying an amplifier is pretty much out of the question. Most students also cannot immediately afford to buy one here so soon after arriving. Then there’s the issue of noise limits on residence or even if one lives off campus. On top of all this, I will only leave you to imagine the struggles of drummers. As a musician applying to Saint Mary’s University, one knows that there are no music degrees available, but we can at least hope for a music room, right? I won’t bore you with the details of the mental health benefits of listening to music that you like. We all know these things. The same applies, maybe to a greater extent, for those that play an instrument. In a university that thrives to achieve the well-being of all students, I hope this issue is eventually addressed. I am not the only one who feels this struggle, neither am I the first.

I also want to put into light the fact that even though our university has such a wide variety of student societies, we do not have a music society. That one is on us. I feel that I personally do not have the managing skills to run a society that would maybe host events at the Gorsebrook or raise issues such as the one above to the administration, but I hope someone does, soon.

Mahmudur Rahman Shovon


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