Healthy Minds Team Round-Up


Julie Doan, Shauna Beaton, Kassia Curley, Kiera Arsenault, Dylan Murphy, Megan Wright, Tessa O’Donnell and Maeve Mulroy at Saint Mary’s University. (Facebook)

As the end of semester finally comes into view it is a good idea to take a breath and reflect on this past academic year before being launched into the exam period. Are you happy with where you spent your time and look forward to some much-deserved sunbathing on the beach this summer? Or are you feeling like you were barely keeping your head above water and just can’t wait for summer to get here? If you are in the first group, congrats, you’ve cracked the code of surviving this craziness we call university, and if you are in the second group, take some comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

A lot of students feel that trying to find balance between school, work, extracurricular, and having a social life is nearly impossible to manage. But now that most of our course work is behind us it’s a great chance to really look back and see how our last seven months played out. If you’re the type who saw your grades slip in-between parties and the Gorsebrook’s new Husky Howler maybe it’s time to map out how you could hit the books instead of the bars next year. Or if you’re the type who built a second home of study snacks and syllabi on the 3rd floor of the library, maybe it’s time to take a scroll through the contacts on your phone and catch up with some old friends.

Whatever you’ve been neglecting this year, end of semester means you’re about to have a bit more ‘me’ time in your life. What it really all comes down to is asking ourselves: what can we do to improve?

It’s important to keep pushing ourselves to become better in our own lives, because even if we can’t achieve perfect balance all the time, we can still work towards making our time here at SMU more enjoyable and rewarding.

The Healthy Minds Team has been working all year to try to help students become more aware of their mental wellbeing. We kicked off the year by teaching students that hard times are ‘Better When Your Laughing’ by showing that a bit of humour can help make even the darkness moments a little brighter. We let you know there’s no topic too intense to share with others during ‘Strength from Loss Week’ when we dove into conversations about grief, depression, and suicide.

We brought you the stress relief of a furry friend with ‘Therapy Dogs’ throughout the school year. We talked about how different perspectives shape our experiences with events like “Men’s Mental Health Week’ and ‘Eating Disorders Awareness Week’. We came together as a campus and raised money and awareness on Bell Let’s Talk day. We showcased the healing power of music at our ‘Mental Health Coffee House’ where students could show off their amazing talents. We used all of these events and more to help you understand that there’s always something or someone here to help you get through the year.

So what can you take from this year? That’s up to you. But if you ask us, this year has been full of amazing students and faculty who have shown our team that kindness, inclusivity, balance, and support are all things that can be achieved when we work together. We hope you have a happy summer, and of course, a healthy mind.

Tessa O’Donnell

Member, Healthy Minds Team

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