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It’s that time of year again; love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is a time dedicated to appreciating the ones you love, chocolates, flowers and sappy Instagram posts. It’s also a time where people not in a relationship become hyper-aware of that fact and post passive-aggressive Snapchats of waiting for 50% off chocolates on February 15th. We should use this time of year to look at relationships as a whole – not just romantically – but friendships, family ties, and our relationship with ourselves.

University can be a stressful time, trying to balance school, work and volunteer commitments while also trying to maintain friendships, remember to call home, and secretly keeping an eye out for something more than a classroom crush.

It is important to maintain relationships with people, as research shows that having supportive friendships is correlated with academic success (study buddies!) Spending time with friends is essential, to keep that bond and as a form of stress relief (what’s a life that is all work and no play?) However, if you want good, lasting friendships it is important to give what you would like to receive. Be supportive, understanding and honest, hopefully you will get that in return and will be able to help each other through the years.

Perhaps the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Your mental health and well-being should be your number one priority. Being comfortable with yourself will help you build strong relationships with others. This is one reason why it’s okay to be single, and it can even be a good thing. Everyone needs time to work on themselves. Take ‘me’ days, shut off your phone, go for a walk, or just lay in bed and watch Netflix.

The Healthy Minds Team has multiple events coming up during Valentine’s week focused on developing healthy relationships with yourself and others. For example, Speed Friending at the Gorsebrook on February 16th is a great opportunity to meet new people and potentially create a lasting friendship (not to mention there will be pizza and door prizes.)

So this Valentine’s week don’t mope around because you may not have a significant other; spend time with yourself or your friends, call home, and stop by some of our events!

Shauna Beaton
Healthy Minds Team Member

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