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  1. Erik Simmons says

    Good Day , I’m a 4th year student at Saint Mary’s and a part time employee at Aramark’ s on campus catering department. While working for Aramark on campus for close to 3 years, my self and fellow employees have taken issue with management’s treatment of student employees. I think our voices need to be heard at this point in time to put a stop to the intimidating and exploitative tendencies culture at Aramark. Would The Journal be willing to give me an outlet to voice these wrong doings in hopes of changing our working conditions?

    I would like to schedule a meeting with someone to discuss these issues at length, and to hopefully generate a well crafted posting for the paper.

    Yours truly
    Erik Simmons

    • Sandra Hannebohm says

      I’m sorry that we are getting back to you so late – our website has been out of use for some time and we are just re-vamping the site now (working on a new layout). Although you send this early last year, there are still a lot of Aramark student employees, and if you think people are being mistreated, that is a problem for all of us who hope to work during or after obtaining our degrees.

      If you are still concerned about this issue, email me @ or find my name on Facebook to set up a meeting time.

  2. Krystal Lariviere says


    I was hoping to get some information about possibly posting in “The Journal” to aid recruitment for a research project called “Memory for Life” that is being conducted through the Nova Scotia Health Authorities Mental Health Program.
    If you could send me an e-mail at, or call me at (902) 464-3434 to discuss the matter further, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Krystal Lariviere

  3. Walt Tanner says

    Hello MS. Hannebohm,

    I was wondering if we would be able to get copies of the previous issues of Journal #1 and #2 Hard copies for the archives.
    We would like to add these and future hard copies of the Journal to the collection in order to the preserve the social history of Saint Mary’s University campus life.

    Walt Tanner Archives Assistant /Digitization Assistant

    • Neil Van Horne says

      My apologies for the late reply, we can certainly provide you with copies of each issue. I can bring you some this week, just let me know when and where to drop them off.


  4. Abbey says

    I would love to know how I can get involved or contribute to the Journal or if it’s too late in the year to do so? Thanks.

  5. The Editor, The Journal:

    Climate change is justifiably a hot topic today, but the ecological crisis is far more serious than climate change alone. Numerous environmental limits have been violated, not just those relating to greenhouse gases. You – the young – face a perilous and frightening future.

    The rational response to this disaster is to quickly reduce environmental impact by ending overconsumption, reducing population, and sharply increasing efficiencies. The old are in positions of power and could initiate these changes, but they have persistently failed to act. Unless they are jolted out of their immoral passivity, your lives will be much worse than theirs. Your children will suffer the most, with many dying prematurely in a degraded and chaotic world.

    I am a baby boomer who has studied the environmental crisis for 25 years. I have concluded that the progressive and environmental movements are tightly bound to the prevailing order and will not spur the required economic and social transformations. The only hope is a youth ecological revolt: your militant refusal to succumb to an imposed fate.

    I strongly urge you to strike, challenge teachers and administrators, disrupt school events, write scorching articles, and in general disrupt society’s ecocidal flow. Do not be beguiled by the standard, implied promise: if you play by the rules you’ll lead a comfortable life. The current situation is unprecedented and the rules are obsolete. The promise is a lie.

    History has dealt you a terrible hand, but swift action may yet salvage the biosphere and preserve your future.

    Frank Rotering

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