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(CUP) New Brunswick – The National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party (NSCLRP) has claimed responsibility for the white supremacist posters found at UNB on Tuesday. In an email sent to the Brunswickan on Thursday evening, the author of the email, who claims to be the leader of the NSCLRP, but failed to provide their name, initiated contact with The Brunswickan to protest “misinformation” spread by The Brunswickan outlet in coverage of the event. The email denied that the posters’ “reference of ‘foreign invaders” was a “veiled reference for Muslim immigrants and refugees,” as UNB professor Matthew Sears said in The Brunswickan’s initial report. “I find it incredibly disingenuous that it would be suggested through your publication [The Brunswickan] that we implied “islamophobia” or referred to the Arab races as “The Enemy of Canada” this is untrue,” says the email. “But given the fires of insanity stocked by the Left Wing media regarding such opinions it is only natural that you should attempt to use this to continue the atomization of Aryan races through the dissemination of your destructive propaganda.”

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While the email claims that the intention of the posters was not Islamophobic, there are strong anti-Semitic undertones in the email, as indicated by the term “Aryan races,” and the claims that “Jew controlled media, entertainment, and financial industries which profit through the manipulation of our Volk” are the ‘Enemies of this Nation.’”

“Aryan” as a nationalist term gained prominence in the 20th century for its association with the Nazis, who interpreted it as meaning “white race.” White supremacist groups over the past several decades have used the term to identify their racist ideology. “Volk” is a German word for people and was used in Nazi propaganda to refer to the Germanic race. The Brunswickan traced the email address to a Facebook page—sporting 44 “likes”—called “Nationalist Socialist News Canada,” which in turn provided a web address to the National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party’s blog, published on Google’s Blogger. The blog’s first post dates to Aug. 24, 2017 and the website itself has received 1185 views in total, according to a counter at the bottom of the page. The Facebook page started posting on Aug. 24 as well. Both the blog and the Facebook page contained racist, discriminatory and anti-Semitic content. The content of both platforms does not appear to match the content found on the posters.

The blog contained posts under labels such as “The Aboriginal Question” and “The Jewish Issue.” The anti-Semitic theme is constant throughout the site, with blog posts, images of the Nazi symbol and a reading list that includes Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and an entire section devoted to “The Parasitic Jews.” One of their blog posts laments the end of South Africa’s racist apartheid, with the message that South Africa was in better condition when controlled by Europeans. On the NSCLRP Facebook page, they discriminate against women’s worker rights and state their proper place is at home taking care of the family.

The blog provides access to the group’s manifesto, which advocates for the dismantling of the RCMP, provincial and local police in favour of military reserves and the closing of Canada’s borders to refugees and immigrants indefinitely. The manifesto also seeks to stop any anti-Canadian rhetoric that might be being spread by politicians or the media, by prohibiting any newspaper that criticize the government and banning any arts or books that support foreign ideas. The anti-freedom of the press discourse found in the manifesto contradicts the email received by the Brunswickan, which states, “I believe in journalistic integrity and I believe in the duty of the press to report.”

The email went on to say that it was a mistake of their New Brunswick chapter not to include their name on the posters, and that two additional posters would be emerging “which address the poor journalism which has made a mockery of our intended message.” The Brunswickan can find no evidence for the existence of a New Brunswick chapter of the NSCLRP.

Nothing links the NSCLRP to the posters besides this email and a post on the blog. A blog post dated to Jan. 18 claims that “The NSCLRP has been engaging in poster and flyer campaigns across the country in Vancouver, Hamilton, Toronto, Quebec, Manitoba and in New Brunswick. Our Campaign in New Brunswick was a spur of the moment decision after a member witnessed extreme Anti-European propaganda across their University Campus.”

Emma MacDonald, The Brunswickan

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