An Editors Goodbye


15994999_10154970215914048_1751030312076366843_oSo its that time of year and things get all emotional and sappy because things are ending for the year. The Journal is not exempt from this so if you’re not about that, feel free to scroll up and learn about how to do the Millennial Side Hustle.

I was raised to always say thank-you to those who have helped you along the way and there is a long list for the Journal but there are some specific people that require a shoutout. First, Sandra C. Hannebohm for being the EiC last year, bringing the Journal back to life, and continually sending in GOOD content for us to publish. Kazi Ahmed, who is a damn gem, he not only sold ads like a pro, he makes for good company in our office while we bash Trump and his ridiculousness. Neil VanHorne, who produced the first ever Welcome Week issue aimed at new students but also has been my co-conspirator on many occasions for the stories that don’t get published. Zahra Dhubow, who came on the team this year eager to learn and write and has been a reliable writer over the last 6 months improving her reporting skills tenfold. Kala Rafuse, for her financial aid info in every issue and Lauren Perry, our resident sports reporter for the Journal. Megan Wright, for all the side work she did for the Journal such as the activities from our last few issues. Kazi Rahman, who as President of SMUSA was always willing to give a comment on any issue at SMU. SMUSA and their staff for helping when we needed it and for being a government that we can hold responsible for students. All of the SMUdents who I reached out to looking to do a story who responded with kind words. And finally, I’d like to thank YOU READING THIS, WHOEVER YOU ARE, because if people didn’t read this crap that I write, I wouldn’t have a job, so thanks fam. But in all seriousness, in today’s day and age, the media is under attack. Student Journalism is an important aspect of all campus life across the country and I am happy to say that the SMU Journal has been revived on campus. I encourage you to continue reading this publication while you send your time at SMU.

My (short) time as Editor in Chief and my whole time with the Journal have been the most stressful, fun, and skillbuilding time in my university career. I’m not going to talk much about myself because that’s boring but I do want to say a few things about my time at SMU. I have met some of the kindest individuals while at SMU, I have also met some of the meanest; I have met students from countless countries, attended events, book launches, and parties; I have played on the SMU turf for the Huskies wearing my maroon and white proudly; I have traveled with other SMUdents abroad; I ran in the SMUSA elections (twice!), and lost (twice!); I have interviewed many of our SMUdents about their lives; I have been working for the Journal for two years and have learned about the media in a whole new light. All of this and I have only been on campus for five years.

Tldr; you can make waves at SMU because our campus is so active in the community, filled with interesting people, and with our small size, we truly do become a family.

In the words of Kanye West: “They say people in your life are like seasons, and anything that happens is for a reason,” so take the woes as the come, there’s a plan for everyone, and don’t take people too seriously. Peace and love.

Erika MacDonald

Editor In Chief

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