All That Available Parking Space


Saint Mary’s University has been our second home since day one of our university experience. Loyola Residence, Rice Residence and the four beautiful houses of Vanier are the first choices for most students who arrive from other countries and provinces. How can I forget the best restaurant/meal hall at the University, the Dockside Dining Hall? And how about the Huskies stadium, where sport lovers rejoice?

I live in residence and it has given me many unforgettable memories. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is look outside my window and see one of many university parking lots. I always ponder as to why there are so many parking spots available on campus? Are there as many parking spots available at the Halifax Shopping Centre or at Dal? Just to clarify, there are several parking lots at SMU. A couple of these lots are located at: Rice Residence, Loyola Basement, McNally, Atrium/Library, Gorsebrook Avenue, and the Homburg Centre.

I have never seen so many parking lots at one university. There are more parking spots available than there are students. I always wonder if some of the cars parked are even student or faculty cars? Is the public taking advantage of our available space? Well, of course they are, but what are we going to do about this misuse? And why have we yet to determine better usage for the available space? Also, why are current students paying for parking? I mean it’s underutilized, therefore shouldn’t we just get it for free? I mean we are paying ridiculous fees already.

Well, I have some good news for you! According to Facilities Management and Campus Security, you will no longer be paying for parking spots. Yes, you read right, free parking spots. Essentially, you now have the opportunity to park that Mercedes Benz, Porsche and whatever else you bought with Mommy and Daddy’s hard-earned money. Don’t ask me how you’ll bring both cars to campus. You’ve got to put in the work if you want to impress Jamie and Megan. I mean that’s what University is for, right? Trying to solve the complicated equation of how to impress everyone on campus, besides your Professors. Well, now you have one less thing to worry about.

So, now you can celebrate and not have to worry about coming in extra early to find a spot. And, for those of you without a vehicle, what a great way to incentivize you to buy a car. Now that you have a spot with your name written all over it, buy a car. I mean that’s how it works, right? First, you get the spot and then the car. Or am I getting this mixed up? Anyways, let’s not bring up the chicken versus egg debate. Let’s just meander along and be happy with this new development.

Ferdous Mashiat Sharif, Section Editor

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