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Contrary to what you may believe, SMU doesn’t stand for “Sucking Money Up”. SMU (Saint Mary’s University, in case you didn’t know) actually offers a wide array of funding available to students, without interest, fees, or even paying the sum back! I bet you’re wondering; “what are these wonderful things” or “how can I get my hands on some!?” The answers to your questions are scholarships and bursaries and easy, online applications.

There are a multitude of scholarships available to students of diverse kinds. From being a horse enthusiast to displaying leadership qualities, there is likely a scholarship for you! Not all scholarships that SMU has to offer are all concerned with your GPA either, so try not to worry about that one D you got in first year.

I’ll help you prepare for these scholarship applications. Remember, one hour of writing may reward you with a large scholarship!

The Named Undergraduate Awards are available to all students who are enrolled at SMU for the next academic year. Each scholarship and bursary included under these awards have specific requirements; therefore the more you write about yourself in the application, the more likely you will become eligible for awards. ALL parts of the application are due May 1, 2017. All you need for this award is a personal statement, a projected budget, and a recommendation form from a faculty member or coach.
The Financial-Needs Based Bursary is available to SMUdents experiencing financial difficulty. This bursary is available for the full academic year. If you missed out on the application for fall, you can still apply in January! There is a small criteria for this bursary, being that you must be enrolled in courses and maintain a GPA of at least 1.70.

Additionally, be sure to check out websites such as; Yconic, Scholarships Canada, and Student Life Network! Each website offers funding towards your education. Typically, all applications are quite simple and are applicable to many different types of students!

Best of luck and may your financial endeavors be rewarding!

Kala Rafuse
Financial Aid & Awards


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